Predictably, EDF put up their prices again

EDF_280_549370a EDF aren’t having a great time at the moment. They were recently voted as Britain’s worst energy supplier, they’ve scrapped their door-to-door selling programme amid claims of shady practices and there was some kind of explosion at their nuclear site in France last week. Hmmm...

Still, at least they’ll be feeling a little bit happier today – that’s because they’ve just announced their second price rise of 2011. They’re the last of the big six energy suppliers to hike up their tariff over the summer, with a 15.4% rise in gas prices and a 4.5% rise on the electricity side of things, coming into effect on the 10th of November.

This follows on from their price rises in March, when 6.5% and 7.5% were piled on to gas and electricity respectively. Naturally, EDF are blaming the price hikes on the increased cost of raw gas or electricity or whatever it is that they fashion the stuff that comes into our homes from.

According to Tom Lyon, an energy expert at uSwitch, a quarter of all households are now languishing in fuel poverty, 6.8 million in total, with many more having to actively ration their fuel consumption. Well done everyone, fantastic work.

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