Ofgem's advise tenants to switch energy suppliers

Good news for tenants! Ofgem are advising people in rented accommodation to switch energy suppliers - and make a potential saving of £190.

50p meter

Ofgem, like some nice dad who sorts out all your mundane tasks, has published guidelines for tenants on switching their energy suppliers. According to a survey they commissioned, 77% of tenants have never switched, assuming that the energy provider is as much of a fixture as the festering damp and the weird holes in the skirting boards.

They’re advising people to check their tenancy agreements for any clauses about energy suppliers, and if there aren’t any, people should feel free to shop around for the best deal.

Philip Cullum of Ofgem said: ‘At a time when nine million British households are renting and budgets are tight, it is important that consumers are clear about where they stand when choosing and switching their energy supplier.Ofgem’s clear guide and top tips are intended to empower consumers when navigating the energy market and help them to find their best energy deal. It is all part of Ofgem’s work to make the market simpler, clearer and fairer for consumers.’

Cheers, Ofgem! Now can you come round and do something about the funny smell?


  • Grammar N.
    I believe it's spelt "Tennant's".
  • Chewbacca's m.
    @Me. leave Chewspacca alone. And the other name he uses to post on here to support his views and defend himself and (strangely) his personality.
  • Sarah
    Ofgem’s advise tenants to switch energy suppliers Eh? What the hell attempt at grammar is that?
  • ipeters345
    Surely a big brewery can work out when to switch energy supplier without help from Ofgem?
  • Mr W.
    Check your tenancy agreement! What the hell are they on about, it cant force you to take a certain energy supplier. I'd like to see an agent or landlord stop somebody switching, still they would then not renew the tenancy, vindictive gits that they obviously are.
  • Teddy E.
    Some landlords sign their tenants up to Utility Warehouse which is a win win situation for them: screw the tenants on rent as well as expensive gas and electricity.
  • fibbingarchie
    @ Chewbacca's dead mum Alex Salmond's arsehole will be a right drafty place, it's where he does all his talking from.

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