Ofgem to investigate pricing policy of stupid energy companies

Centrica-and-British-Gas--001BDO (that'd be a bunch of faceless accountants, rather than Liam Gallagher's terrible new band) have been called up by Ofgem to take the laborious examination of energy companies' pricing policies after they were all accused of saying that they weren't making as much profit as they actually were, which enabled them to hike up customer charges.

Those under the microscope will be The Big 6 - British Gas, E.On, EDF, Scottish Power, Npower and Scottish & Southern.

Ofgem have accused these energy buggers of putting their prices up in response to soaring costs much more quickly than they're willing to reduce prices when costs retreated.

For starters, the Big 6 have been asked to be more transparent so that we can all understand how they get to the figures we see on our bills.

An Ofgem spokesman said BDO will look into each account area and concluded: "We feel there could be more transparency for the customer."

This is going to be a long and expensive investigation isn't it?

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  • Numpty D.
    "This is going to be a long and expensive investigation isn’t it?" Yes and we'll still be getting shafted with price rises for evermore once its done.

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