Ofgem tells npower to 'sort it out'

npower-logo npower have got to get their shit together, or face being banned on telephone sales.

The company has to address the billing palavers of their 400,000 customers by August, after instruction by regulator Ofgem.

The energy company have long been a concern, with issuing bills long after customers had fled their service, when that sort of thing should be done within six weeks, under the regulators rules.

The ban facing npower would affect their cold-calling, where energy companies win most of their new customers.

They admitted last September that a computer glitch caused by a new billing system had caused various problems with around 700,000 customer accounts.

Which!!! revealed that npower received 83 complaints for every 1,000 customers in the first quarter of this year - the highest number among The Big Six energy companies.

This is a sharp jump from the 49 complaints per 1,000 at the same time last year, almost hilariously so. They're just trolling everyone now, right?

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