Ofgem probe SSE pre-pay meters

Ofgem probe SSE pre-pay meters

Energy watchdog, Ofgem, have launched an investigation into SSE's pre-payment meter processes.

Why? Well, they're looking into concerns that have arisen over the energy company's approach to switching customers to their pre-payment tariffs.

In particular, Ofgem are looking at the impact of SSE's processes regarding people who are in a vulnerable situation, and whether the energy firm have breached the Standards of Conduct.

The Standards of Conduct rules, imposed by Ofgem, look to make sure that suppliers are treating customers fairly.

They want to look at SSE, to see if they've ensured people's ability to pay when alternative payment methods have been suggested. The energy company are going to have to provide Ofgem with information to convince them that this has been happening.

A spokesperson for SSE said: "We are committed to treating all our customers fairly and will be cooperating fully with Ofgem's investigation into this historic issue."

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