Ofgem hate drug dealers

Cannabis According to Ofgem, our only problem isn't the major energy suppliers being arseholes. Apparently, we have to worry about cannabis farmers too, as they're sucking millions of pounds worth of power off the Britain's energy grid,.

They want them to stop it. Of course, people in the drugs trade are people who do things legit, so they'll probably be pooing their pants about the threat of Ofgem fines.

Ofgem reckon at least 200 million pounds of electricity is stolen in Britain each year and a third of that is for cannabis farms.

The regulators new proposals will require suppliers to detect, investigate and prevent electricity theft, and then grass people up to the police and government forces.

Angela Knight, head of Energy UK, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Ofgem was right to highlight this issue and that industry was keen to "step up to the plate," adding: "It's a bit of a pity they've done it that way, but working with Ofgem to get this right, we're absolutely up for that. This is complicated, (the cannabis growers) are bypassing the system, so the normal meter reading, you don't pick it up."


  • shiftynifty
    Not the thee Angela Knight ...the ex spokeswoman for the bankers....
  • Matron
    Energy companies should campaign for legalisation instead, then they could get paid for all this power usage.
  • Grammar N.
    Chill wit da erb. Beat you all to it.
  • Happy H.
    Most of the growers I know are small time, 1 light operations - all PAYING for their electricity. Detect that, bawbags.......
  • Joulupukki
    So why don't they concentrate on the other two-thirds that's being stolen?
  • jim
    legalise it. lol these energy comapnies are tossers - moaning when they keep making record profits and bumping up everyone prices screw them in the ear. right in the ear
  • Gof M.
    Where's the Flex wit da erb guy? did he get done for nicking power?

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