Ofgem accuse npower of misleading customers

npower_0 Ofgem have set phasers to furious and, along with the Government, have accused npower of 'misleading' consumers over how they structure our bills. The supplier released a 14-page document called 'Energy Explained: Inside The Cost Of Energy', which they hoped would help "create a better understanding of the facts behind the energy industry".

In a bid to help us all minimise our costs, they added that our bills are high because our "old and draughty" houses waste too much gas and electricity and, with some words on insulation they also stated that costs beyond their control would see bills going up until 2020 by a projected 74%.

Ofgem aren't having any of it, replying: "We welcome npower's effort to inform the energy debate, however their data on network costs is incorrect and misleading. We offered to help npower improve the accuracy of their numbers for network charges and it is disappointing that they did not engage fully with us until after the document had been circulated."

The energy regulator weren't the only people irritated by npower's words. The Government were aggrieved that npower said green taxes on energy bills would more than double by the end of the decade.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change spat back, saying "npower's analysis is incorrect on so many levels", adding: "A number of the policies listed by npower don't have any impact on household energy bills, including the Renewable Heat Incentive, Climate Change Levy and the Carbon Reduction Commitment."

Who do you believe?


  • Daily M.
    Tough call: do I believe an energy company, or politicians? But I'd be very surprised if the levies DON'T increase bills to the consumer. If an energy company's production costs are raised, who does it get passed onto? They're certainly not going to tut and absorb it themselves.
  • Noghar
    Houses are far less drafty and badly insulated than they were twenty years ago, so this is just the usual self-serving crap from the energy cos. The biggest levies on the consumer are the salaries paid to the board and the dividends paid to sodding shareholders. I am old enough to remember that smarmy Tory c*nt Cecil Parkinson on Newsnight talking about how privatising energy would lead to smaller bills for the consumer. What a fecking joke.
  • klingelton
    So the old and drafty house that I had last year is exactly the same old and drafty house i live in this year. My energy bills went up 8%. I call bullshit.
  • shiftynifty
    I call it bullshit...old and draughty....was he talking about himself the npower board and it`s shareholders...ripping off people with £60 charges to change a meter
  • Noddy
    I remember the 1960s when Press came to change our gas fire to accept North Sea gas instead of town gas. The fitter said North Sea gas would be so cheap "they might not even charge for it because the cost of billing would be too high". No, honestly.

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