Npower's billing farce to continue 'til 2016

npower-logo Even though Npower have been fined over their billing problems, they're set to continue the shambles until 2016. That's not rumour - that's come straight from Npower themselves.

This, of course, has put a dent in their profits (good) and that they've acknowledged that they've lost a load of customers in the process. Their parent company, RWE, said Npower's half-year profits were down 60% to £38m.

Customers (or, presumably ex-customers by now) have seen bills not being sent at all, or multiple bills being sent to homes. The whole thing has been an absolute nonsense.

Only last year, Npower said that they were getting a hold of the problems and managing to get on top of them. Obviously, that isn't the case, which most of us already suspected. Thanks to this, Npower were forced by the Energy Ombudsman, to give free energy to customers who had waited far, far too long to get their complaints dealt with.

Unsurprisingly, Npower were the most complained about energy company in 2014. It will be no surprise if they end up topping the tables again at the close of this year.


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  • NotWhoYouThinkIAm
    I cancelled my NP direct debit due to continual attempts to raise it to unreasonable amount (and stupid estimated bills); having checked my exact usage and bill the day I cancelled I was outraged to find an additional £600 added to my bill. The next 12 months were filled with threats and denials from various levels of NP as I refused to pay, and demanded to know what the £600 was for; eventually they caved and removed the £600, but even then, NO ONE at NP could explain what the £600 was supposed to be for. Obviously I switched as soon as my account was clear, I now use iSupply.

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