Npower slags off BG's 'gimmick' then puts up its prices

Npower have blasted British Gas for their Free Power Saturdays idea, claiming it’s a gimmick which will confuse customers.


Npower chief Paul Massara said: ‘We are looking at smart meters but we think at the moment Joe Public is more concerned about understanding their bill and the size of the bill. A 'Free Saturday' is more of a gimmick really. People will simply end up paying more during the week to make up for it.'

(Let’s just take a moment to digest that ‘Joe Public’ comment, which shows how slow witted he thinks we really are.)

So what’s npower’s helpful contribution to their customers? Well, it’s… a simplified bill. UNFORTUNATELY, though, 2 million customers will face an 11% increase in their standing charge for electricity this winter too. Apparently, the higher standing charge is intended to cover a £40 annual loyalty discount which is already in place.

Now, I know I'm only 'Joe Public' but I wouldn't say that's a very good gimmick, Paul. How about something a bit more snappy, like: ‘WAIT FOR DEATH WEDNESDAY’ or ‘FROZEN THURSDAYS?’

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  • samuri
    what a set of fucking greedy twats

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