npower: most complained about

npower-logo Last year, there were more complaints were made about npower than any other energy supplier in the Big Six, according to Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland.

The figures show that npower were glued to the top of the energy complaints league for every single quarter in 2013 and had been there since the close of 2012.

Over a year ago, npower said that they knew their new billing system was causing problems and they acknowledged that they needed to do something about the level of complaints. However, there's concern that they're just not arsed.

Customers' main gripes are that bills arriving late, payments are being stopped and new accounts are not being set up.

The latest energy complaints table, published today by Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland, based on complaints made in October to December 2013 showed that one in every 326 customers made a complaint to npower, with ten times as many complaints received about them compared to SSE, and three times as many as the second worst performing energy supplier, Scottish Power.

As for themselves, npower had twice as many complaints about them by the end of 2013 compared to the start of last year. They really couldn't give a monkeys, could they?

Citizens Advice Chief Executive Gillian Guy said: "Things are getting worse not better for npower customers. It is unacceptable that npower has not yet sorted out the serious failings in its billing systems and customer service which are causing so many complaints and serious problems for its customers."

"For well over a year now some npower customers have been finding their finances thrown into chaos. Some are not receiving bills and others are ending up in debt because their direct debit was cancelled. Citizens Advice has asked npower to make sure people affected get any appropriate compensation."

"Time and time again energy suppliers are letting customers down. People will not feel able to trust energy suppliers again if firms cannot get their house in order and deliver decent customer service."

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  • samuri
    why the fuck are they still in business?

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