Npower cutting gas price by 5.2%

npower-logo A bunch of energy companies have dropped their gas prices, and now, at long last, Npower are joining the club, and have become the fourth firm to do the same.

They're going to be dropping their prices by 5.2%, which is going to come into play from 28th March. Of course, they're doing this, just as the coldest months go away, and giving everyone a discount just as they switch the central heating off.

Either way, Npower reckon that this is going to save the average customer of theirs, £32 per year, which isn't a wild amount of money, but it is better than a kick up the hole. Provided you're on a standard domestic gas tariff, that is. The company say that this is going to benefit around 1.2 million customers.

Paul Coffey, chief executive of Npower, said: "We have balanced the wholesale price fall against increases in the other costs we are charged."

This means price drops for anyone who is with E.On, who dropped their prices by 5.1% on 1 February; customers of Scottish Power who will see a drop of 5.4% on 15th March; and SSE who from 29th March will drop prices by 5.3%.

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