Npower cut prices, but everyone still hates them

23 January 2015

BURNING BLUE FLAME ON GAS COOKER HOB. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown. A number of energy companies are reducing their prices, and now Npower, after everyone told them that their customer service was beyond woeful, is going to cut their standard gas tariff in the UK by an average of 5.1% from 16th February.

In plain language, you're going to save around £35 a year if you're one of their customers.

Thus far, this is the biggest cut announced by a supplier after wholesale prices fell by 20%, which also saw E.On and Scottish Power dropping your bills.

After steady price hikes for years, all of these companies could've dropped their prices by greater amounts, but we'll all have to take what we can get from this absolute shower.

"If there are further falls in wholesale prices, we will keep these under review to see if we can cut further," prattled Npower chief executive Paul Massara.

Of course you will Npower. We've got every faith in you to do the right thing for customers. Either way,


  • Simon
    I think you are to kind to npower - they are the most woeful excuse for a company Leave them immediately if your with them.
  • John S.
    I wouldn't get my energy from these jokers if they offered it for free! Lousy company with dreadful customer services and questionable sales tactics. I won't forget them in a hurry.

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