npower are sending bills to ex-customers

npower-logo Those awful swine at npower are at it again, annoying everyone and generally being shady as hell. After fines, being the most complained about and customers fining them for being inept, they really know how to get on everyone's nerves.

So what are they up to now?

Well, npower are being criticised for sending huge bills to customers who are no longer dealing with the Big 6 energy firm. In some cases, npower are sending bills a whole 12 months after customers have left.

It seems, thanks to npower failing to get their bills out in a timely manner (what a massive, massive surprise), that these bills are being sent under the proviso of being 'late'. So, in short, npower are penalising customers for their own mistakes. Huge bills are landing on doormats and npower are basically shrugging about the whole thing and saying 'oh, we were supposed to give you this ages ago... hope you don't mind coughing up loads of money you don't have!'

There's now pressure on npower to reduce or completely wipe the bills or you can bet that Ofgem will be called in to sort all this out. That's because, under the regulator's rules, when you switch energy companies, your old supplier must make "all reasonable effort" to close your account down within 6 weeks. Ofgem are currently reviewing npower as it is, for a series of other issues.

One small mercy is that, if you've left, at least npower won't be able to cut you off.

If you want to complain, visit npower's complaints page or, if you've no faith in that process, there's always the Ombudsman services who can help.

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