Now Npower hike up their energy prices too

Bitterwallet - new npower logo It’s been as much an ongoing part of the summer as riots, phone hacking and festivals, and it’s back again. Yes, it’s the return of the massive energy price rise, with Npower the fifth of the ‘the big six’ to announce a huge hike in their tariffs.

As of October 1st, your Npower bills will be rising by an average of 15.7% for electricity and 7.2% for gas, which, to be fair, isn’t as bad as some of the other recent increases from their rivals. Mind you, it’ll probably stick in the craws of most Npower customers, seeing as how the company recently announced a 130% increase in profits for the first half of the year, and also added 5% on to both bills in November of last year.

We’re assuming that Npower are trotting out the same excuse as all the rest of the mates, namely that the bills are going up thanks to the vast increase in the wholesale price of raw energy. We haven’t bothered checking – in fact, we can’t be arsed.

If you haven’t already, getting your hands on a fixed rate energy deal is very possibly the best thing to be doing right now, insulating yourself against further rises over the next year or so. Unless, of course, the energy providers wait for loads of us to do just that before bringing the price down again. But they wouldn’t do something as devious as that. Would they?

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