Now Npower hike up their energy prices too...

npower To nobody’s surprise whatsoever, Npower has joined British Gas and SSE in announcing a gas and electricity price increase, with an average of 8.8% on gas and 9.1% on electricity kicking in from 26 November.

Earlier today, British Gas announce an average increase of 6% for both fuels, which was a huge relief to millions, after it had been rumoured to be closer to 8% (that was sarcasm, in case you missed it).

We haven’t bothered checking but we assume that Npower are blaming it all on the old chestnut of ‘wholesale gas prices’ as per usual. Rumours are abound that Scottish Power will be next. Probably time to shop around for a new deal before they ALL whack up the prices…


  • captain c.
    The price rise was as inevitable as todays other news - fink-rats - sorry "lawyers", are preparing to sue everyone in sight over the Jimmy Saville claims.
  • Mike M.
    I bum foxes

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