Now it's E.On's turn to ramp up your energy bills

5 August 2011

EON_UK_RGB The entire globe is in the midst of another financial crisis, but if you’re an E.On customer, there’s a little bit of extra icing on the cake of crappiness this morning. That’s because they’re the fourth of the big six energy companies to announce a major price hike.

From 13th September, its gas tariffs will rise by 18% while electricity prices will go up by 11%. E.On s towing the party line followed by all the others and is blaming it all on the 30% rise in wholsale energy prices this year. We know, the other ones already told us.

Graham Bartlett of E.On even said some stuff about it all being to do with Japan and Libya as well, which we’re not going to bother repeating here. They’ll be pinning it on the fact that it’s almost 20 years since My Bloody Valentine released an album next. (EDIT: Hang on, he's made a video that explains it all. See below. It's tear-jerking stuff)

If you haven’t already, now might be the time to get on an energy price comparison website and see if you can get yourself a better deal than the one you’re on now. This writer did so a couple of days ago and knocked about 15% off his current monthly bill, with the price fixed for the next 14 months. EDL it was. No, hang on, that’s the English Defence League isn’t it? EDF then. Yes, them. Other energy suppliers are available.


  • Marky M.
    Doesn't look like he's having to cut back on much, does it?
  • eddiex
    Any one else get the feeling that the big six get together now and then and decide who's turn it is to be the bastard that raises the energy prices first.
  • Beetplek
    Well if they only make a fiver from every 1000.00 quid they charge us why are they so stupid to stay in business. It makes no sense. Or maybe what he is saying is utter crap.
  • Dick
    Why doesn't he just says that we're putting our prices up cause you tits are ready for milking. Mummy ...
  • Fuck F.
    That receptionist has some serious issues.
  • Richard
    The energy companies are constantly looking for excuses to raise their prices by more than warranted. Even when oil prices were falling, many of the energy companies still increased prices. For individuals, energy comparison websites are the best way to fight back against greedy energy providers. There are even opportunities to switch to a greener energy supplier.

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