Most people don't understand their energy bill

energy Most people don't understand their energy bills, according to a new survey. It revealed that six in every 10 consumers are baffled by the information they receive for their gas and electricity usage. It's almost like energy companies do it on purpose, eh?

48% of those spoken to said they've seen no discernible difference to energy bills over the years, even though there's been repeated calls to make them easier to understand. Over half said they weren't able to find information about cheaper deals.

Those ages between 18 and 35 were found to have the lowest level of understanding their bills, with around seven in 10 in that age group saying that they didn't have a clue what their bill was telling them.

Over a quarter (27%) of consumers confessed that they didn't even bother looking at the details on their bills, other than looking at how much they need to pay.

Of course, when it comes to polls, energy companies always fare badly, and concerning confusing bills, energy companies are always at the forefront.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at said: “The confusion around bills is a problem that must be tackled if consumers are to get in control of their energy use and spend. If they can’t make sense of their bill, customers could be missing out on better deals or risk bill shock by accumulating significant debt."

"Given that Ofgem’s reforms – which were designed to give clearer information to customers – came in two years ago, it’s worrying that so many remain baffled and bewildered by their bills. We’re urging Ofgem and suppliers to press ahead with plans to make bills easier to understand, making it simpler for consumers to use less, waste less and pay less for energy."

If you're thinking 'this is all very good, but how do I actually read my energy bill?', here's some good news - uSwitch have done a nice video you can watch (don't worry, it isn't too awkward) which shows you what you need to know from your bill, and the basic news is that, if you're on a standard tariff with an energy company, you should ring up your supplier and ask for a better deal.

Anyway, here's the video which tells you how to read your energy bill.


  • Fat H.
    Oh come on. Show these cunts a mobile phone bill and they're all over it. Give 'em an energy bill and they become totally brain dead. These cunts are too lazy to read the bill and the poor sod in the video knows this. You can see he really wants to slap these deliberately obtuse dickheads.
  • Father J.
    Fucking tell 'em Harry!

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