More jump on the cut-price energy bandwagon

Apparently it's been snowing. Anyone else seen it? No? That's right, because your eyelids are frozen shut due a lack of central heating since the utility companies started raping and pillaging your wages.

While Britain experiences the worst winter weather since [insert last time the media in London saw snow], our monthly budgets are crippled by gas and electric costs, despite a drop in wholesale energy prices many weeks ago. The utility companies are defending their decision to keep bills high by pointing out the energy we're currently using was bought at far higher prices in the summer.

So it's merely an unfortunate coincidence that by the time the weather begins to turn, you'll be paying less for your heating bill. First it was British Gas who announced price cuts of 10 per cent that begin in a fortnight, and now Scottish and Southern Energy has said it will cut prices for electricity and gas customers by 4 and 9 per cent respectively.

Presumably, the energy buyers at SSE were less savvy and bought their energy from a tout in the local pub, because customers won't see their bills drop until after March 30th. That's practically Summer in this country, dammit. Until then, keep wearing the jumpers under the thermals.


  • Adam
    Had my differences with Swalec (Scottish and Souther energy) over past few months. Lived in rented accomodation for 12 months now on a prepayment meter and the total is £1148 for electric alone. Lets hope we see some difference
  • chrisg
    SSE are a very good company to deal with for what it's worth.
  • Rob
    SSE - I had a very bad experience with them , an estimated final bill which was inaccurate . After leaving them , they were threatening legal action on a bill that was estimated for which I asked for a real final bill not guessed . Three times I phoned up and had the legal action stopped and promised the final bill and three times it started again , it took about 9 months to get it started (and hours sat on hold on the phone) .
  • Rob
    BUT their help dept did very much try to help , I think it was just automated computer demons that had me in their clutches and wouldnt let go .
  • The B.
    Considering that I left nPower for SSE I'm more than happy with them, especially seeing as their years don't last variable amounts like nPower's did.
  • Callum
    They were ok while I was with them, but now I'm not, their sales people are really annoying, They regulary knock on my door and quote blatant lies like "as we are the "home" supplier in this region, we have to make sure our prices are the lowest so we guarantee to be the cheapest". And then theres the "so you don't want to save money? So you are happy to overpay?" etc. etc. when you don't take them up on the offer,,,
  • Tim W.
    In fairness to SSE, they operate a pretty upfront honest view to customers. Ripping customers off.....not quite. However, there are massive competition issues in Europe preventing some of the UK suppliers accessing cheaper energy. The government needs to address this one.

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