Households being hit with gas bills, despite only using electricity

Bitterwallet - British Gas Have you been charged for gas you didn't use? It's happening as people are being charged hundreds of pounds for gas meters on their premises, even though they're only using electricity. Worse still, is that people wanting their gas meters removed are faced with (up to) £400 bills to have them taken away.

It seems that some companies are charging households a fixed daily fee for simply having a certain type of gas meter. The money covers the supplier's cost of billing and metering. That'd be the cost of counting no gas being used, even in houses that are disconnected.

It seems these bills are a new thing. Reports have said that people weren't getting these bills at all, but are now getting nasty surprises and being asked to fork out £100 a year for something they've never used.

Scottish Power will charge you up to £400 to get rid of your ghost meter, while E.on will ask you for £82 for the privilege.

It seems the best thing to do is to change your provider to someone like British Gas, Npower or SSE who remove gas meters for free (but have other problematic attitudes to billing, so shop around).

A spokesperson for the Association of Meter Operators says: "Removing a meter from someone’s house and capping supply there should only take about half an hour and cost no more than £50. The operative will then return at some point in the next couple of years and decide whether they need to dig up the road and cut the supply at street level — this costs more, but if you are no longer a customer it’s unlikely they could come after you for the cost."


  • Peter P.
    And the guy doing the meter capping will be paid less than £10, on a self employed basis.
  • tin
    Easy, I think. I don't use gas, I'm not your customer. End of story, no? Or how about charging the gas company equal amount for safe keeping of their metering equipment that you neither requested or want.
  • Alexis V.
    "It seems the best thing to do is to change your provider to someone like British Gas" The British Gas that bombarded my other half with bills about a non-existent gas meter for months on end and then broke down the door?
  • shiftynifty
    Bill them for storing the meter....seriously, as long as muppets keep taking it up the arse from these corporates there will be no change
  • Jeremy S.
    So not only do they charge whatever they want for their legitimate billing for energy they are also now billing for phantom energy usage and charging stupid amounts to remove unused meters. Idiots.

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