Hadron Collider: "Like a pressure cooker but with way more dials"

portal_power We love the Australian email troublemaker David Thorne. His 27b/6 website is a thing of much wonder and it's always pleasing when he gets up to something that fits comfortably into our consumer remit.

Which means that we’re proud to share this email exchange with you, as David tries to explain to his electricity supplier why his bill might be slightly higher than normal...

We’re not going to give away too much but you should definitely read it. It features He Man, cows in dark forests, portals, the Large Hadron Collider and an accidentally-cooked cat.

Oh, and he gets a partial refund as well. Think on, next time you get a large leccy bill...


  • marky m.
    Yawwwwnnn. Henry Root did this about 30 years ago, and he had bigger balls. Winding up Blockbuster and Utility companies is easy meat. Root (William Donaldson) targetted royalty, the prime minister of Pakistan, and tried to bribe the Chief Cuntstable of the Met. Beat that, you Australian pussyhole.
  • klingelton
    Give him credit, it's funny. I laughed.

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