Google's smart thermostat, Nest, is upon us

nest Ever found yourself shouting "YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT!" at your thermostat? Well, good news because Nest - bought by Google for £2bn - is launching their smart thermostat in the UK.

According to the company, Nest will learn how you use the heating in your home, thereby saving your energy and reducing your bills. Nest have other smart products as well. Last month, they released a fire alarm that knows the difference between you burning your toast to your sofa being ablaze.

Maybe Nest will kit out entire houses and have them voiced by Pierce Brosnan which will seduce you while you're in the bath?

Nest has been selling well in the States, with 1 million of them flying off the shelves, with our American cousins apparently saving 20% on their heating bills. Of course, with our Big Six refusing to help us out with our bills, it looks like we'll have to go elsewhere in a bid to get our outgoings down. However, the bad news in that respect is that Nest have partnered up with Npower, which means some of you will have trust issues.

Lionel Paillet, Nest's general manager for Europe, said their gizmo isn't like the other smart-thermostats: "It's comparing apples and oranges. The Nest thermostat is really learning, it knows your preferences, it helps you keep comfortable, not sacrificing your comfort for energy savings."

"You don’t have to programme it – programmes are cumbersome and don’t really work. The more you use it, the more it learns," added Paillet.

Nest is on sale today and will set you back £180 on its own, or, if you want it installed, £250.


  • Car M.
    The amazing thing is the British Gas Hive system is by far the best on the market, and also the cheapest.
  • Mark C.
    Turn down! Turn down! Obey my commands, Orac!
  • Simon W.
    Both this and Hive are essentially useless single point controls. Yes they might learn behaviours, be accessible remotely etc, but the fundamental flaw is that they are effectively just an on off switch for your boiler monitoring temperature only in the room they are located, to a fancy schedule. It's as mad as having a single light switch for all the lights in your house. Yes, they might come on at the right time, based on learning of your habits, but all the lights on your house would be on, whether or not you needed them on upstairs, while you are watching TV downstairs (if you see the analogy). Honeywell do a far smarter system called Evohome, with individual wireless radiator controllers, and an internet gateway that is leagues ahead of either of these two products. Every radiator can be a zone. So you aren't heating a bedroom, while you are cooking dinner etc. Heating controls in the UK are archaic.

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