Gas usage up 18% say Centrica

13 May 2013

As the hailstones lash the window, and squirrels knit themselves scarves out of little tiny twigs, Centrica are laughing all the way to the bank. Yes, gas usage is up 18%, a fifth higher than it was last year.

british gas

The depressed jet stream is really working out for the energy companies, especially Centrica, who own British Gas. In the first 4 months of 2013, we all put the heating on, and now they’re reaping a tidy profit. They also signed up 28,000 new customers in the last quarter.

So what are they going to do with all that lovely dough? Buy a new gold mankini for that yachting weekend in the Seychelles? Eat sushi off a naked Geisha? No, they’ve come over all socialist and stuff, and want to HELP us.

‘Any benefit arising from the exceptionally cold weather will be used to maintain our price competitiveness", said Centrica. ‘We will use that [cold weather benefit] to effectively hold prices for as long as possible.’

This is after they put up prices to 6% during one of the coldest winters on record.

Well, I’ll be jiggered. That warm feeling is just what we all need to get through this Autumn – I mean, Spring.


  • Alexis
    28,000 people need removing from society.
  • Natty
    ‘We will use that [cold weather benefit] to effectively hold prices for as long as possible.’ Even when (if) the wholesale price of gas drops, how fucking noble of them.
  • badger
    "British" Gas who are closing their UK call centres and moving them to India. Scumbags.
  • Celebrity S.
    Why are they bothering to tell us this , are we supposed to use less or what ? or maybe ,they`re doing it just to show that people can still afford to use gas so perhaps it`s not expensive enough .. so lets up the price ....bastards!

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