Gas prices dropped, but not your bills

energy bills The Big Six are under fire again, and have clearly reached a level of trolling the British public not seen since Vanessa Feltz had a job.

It has emerged that the price the energy companies pay for gas has halved in six months - the cheapest they've had it for four years. They're also paying less for electricity as well. So, what about everyone's bills getting cheaper?

Don't be stupid.

Ofgem have contacted the companies asking to know why everyone's still being charged so much. Of course, everyone else is pretty angered by it too.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady spat: “The big energy firms are taking their customers for a ride. The Government should stand up for consumers in the face of this naked greed. Instead, the Chancellor has shied away from taking on the energy giants."

However, some people don't like trade unions so much that they'll, for the sake of an argument, side with the energy companies.

MP Ian Lavery, a member of the Commons energy select committee, said: "This is a classic example of the way energy companies treat the general public with the utmost contempt. They are basically robbing people of hundreds of pounds every year, and it is time the Government took action."

Ofgem chief executive, Dermot Nolan, currently in the process of writing some stern letters in his neatest handwriting, thinks that our trust has been 'undermined', added: "I'm very concerned these clear and sustained falls in the price of electricity and gas have not been passed on by the majority of suppliers."

"I would expect the threat of losing market share to encourage suppliers to pass on sustained reductions... as soon as possible. If that is not happening, it could be seen as further evidence that competition is not working for consumers as well as it should be."

In real terms, it looks like the average household spend on gas and electricity will go up by 3%.

Fear not though. Our blessed Government do have an answer for those of you who feel like you're being ripped off by the Big Six. In short, if you don't like it, change to a different provider. It's like choosing which illness you want, isn't it?


  • Alexis
    I couldn't believe what the The Tory in charge said yesterday - "if a company charges too much its customers will leave". Presumably by 'leave' he means do without any electricity or gas.
  • Mr E.
    Yeah, because no one's ever left one energy provider for another, have they. How easy is it to not pay the BBC tax if you don't watch it ?

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