Gas price hike to see energy bills rise above £1200

gas_flameBritain's second biggest energy supplier, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), are whacking their gas prices up by 9.4% from 1st December. That's adding an extra £67 on to 3.6 million customers' gas bill, which will take bills to over £1,200. Merry Christmas.

This rise will invariably prompt other suppliers to hike up their prices as well, meaning that we all need to start shopping around immediately.

Mark Todd, director of, said: "This announcement is a grim Christmas present for millions of people especially as it will take effect during what is predicted to be an extremely harsh winter.

"It will equate to a price rise of over £200m for SSE customers over the next year. The company has been the cheapest of the 'Big Six' suppliers of household gas and clearly could not sustain its losses any longer as wholesale prices rise."

Meanwhile, Ann Robinson of (no, not the other one), added: "With winter about to kick in, this is a body blow for consumers. What nobody wants to see is a repeat of 2008 when suppliers last put prices up and bills rocketed by £381 or 42% as a result. From 1 December, the average household energy bill will be over £1,200.

"For many, bills are already in the realms of the unaffordable – any increases will simply see more people forced to think long and hard about whether to heat their home or cook a meal – this is unacceptable."


  • David
    Just put the electric on instead people!
  • Nick T.
    Jesus I wish my bill was as low as £1200 a year. My combined gas/electric for a three-bed well-insulated house on the cheapest combo tariff I could find is already £129 a month, or £1548 a year. And no, I'm not Vietnamese and I don't have a dope farm in the attic. I have daughters with hair straighteners instead.

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