Gas companies have £454 million of our money... and the interest

Maybe it's because gas companies are using up the Earth's natural resources, leaving it looking like a withered teat, that they're hanging on to our money and hoping we don't ask for it back.

Apparently, there's around 5m British households who have been overcharged by gas suppliers by a whopping £454m.

Who says? Well, of course, it's someone after a bit of publicity. This new survey has been undertaken by the folks at and they've been at the abacus and decided that, on average, each of those overcharge should be given £89... which is a decent night on the lash.

This is because a lot of companies have not reduced their direct debit charges after cutting tariffs. However, it's worth pointing out that this money isn't being held to ransom, but rather, we, the simpering British public have simply not asked for it back. Naturally, the gas companies aren't crowing about it and would rather we all just forgot all about it.

The interesting thing here is that the gas companies are quite happy to chase 'us' up for the £280m we collectively owe. Considering what they owe us, they should in fact be confessing that they owe us the remainder, which is £174m.

Really, the gas companies, like British Gas and E.On should be doing this automatically with rebates. That'd be nice of them to do as a Christmas present to everyone wouldn't it? And it's not like this would hit them hard in the pocket because all that time you've not been claiming it back, they've been enjoying the interest on that £454m. That's enough coins to swim in, Scrooge McDuck style.

So do your maths... you might be owed some cash. It's not like they won't give it to you, so get on the phone and start thinking about what you'll spend it on to treat yourself after a miserable year.



  • MEC
    Try getting it back it ain't easy! In June I was around £70 in credit & phoned them to ask for it back. Gasman - So you want to cancel your direct debit? Me - No just pay back the money in credit please. GM - Well to do that I'll need to cancel your debit & then you won't have a gas supply. Me - Bollocks Supervisor time. Supervisor - Blah blah blah - build credit up in summer so when you use more gas in winter then there's money there to pay it Me - Bollocks. I ain't using hardly any gas in June, July,August am I so you'll have even more of my money. Give me my money back please. Supervisor - Well we can do a one off special refund Me - Yes please Supervisor - you understand this is a one off Me - No next time you have my money I'll ask for it back again Supervisor - no it's a one off Me - you'll be making history then won't you! Anyway I got it back confirmed with 5 separate letters! Oh and a reduced monthly direct debit Compare this with BT where I also had a bit of credit. Automated choose the number telephone system that led me to a 2 month payment holiday in 5 minutes flat. Completely automated no numpties involved.
  • Stevie
    5m households owed £454m - doesn't that mean they are owed £90m each???
  • Jason
    Stevie... Nope, do the math: £454,000,000 / 5,000,000...its £90.8, where did the million come into it?!
  • CompactDistance
    Erm.... no
  • piggy
  • Mark M.
    British Gas had £300 of my money in credit on my account. They happily gave me back £180 and reduced my monthly DD by £30 too. All in all, I'm really quite happy about that
  • Tom
    I blame the bankers and the MPs. If only they didn't do stupid claims and get loadsa bonsues. Its all their fault. Put a sock in it and shut the fuck up.
  • Lemon
    Fucking Unite must be involved somewhere. Steve, do you want a job in my Payroll?
  • mob453
    would it be worth indemnity claiming it back?
  • warwick h.
    I tried to get my overpayment back from British Gas and got nothing but waffle so I changed suppliers and they had to pay it back, I only pay the bill when it drops through the letterbox now.
  • Brian W.
    I was paying British gas £40 per month on standing order. Imagine my!! surprise when out of the blue I was told that from the following month I would be paying £187.00 per month. I telephoned them to complain, in no uncertain terms, that they wanted half of my pension per month. After much haggling and jaggling they reduced the payment to £90.00 per month. I decided after a few months to change my supplier and asked for a refund of any overpayment to British Gas. I was refunded £236. Something drastically wrong with their accounting system. I am now with Southern Gas, paying them £60 per month which is working out just fine

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