Fixed price energy hike - unless you switch soon

Energy hike - switch soon

There's set to be a spate of price hikes for those on a fixed-rate energy tariff. A number of contracts will be coming to an end on June 30th, and you could end up paying £173 more, unless you switch.

If you don't switch, you'll be shunted onto a standard tariff, which means a big spike in how much you pay.

For example, if you're on Scottish Power's Online Fixed Price Energy tariff, you see your average bill go from £897 to £1,070. If you're on Npower's fixed deal, then it will go up by £168.

By looking at some of the deals with smaller, independent energy companies, you could save a lot of money on your energy bill.

Here's a list of the fixed price tariffs ending on June 30th

  • Scottish Power Online Fixed Price Energy June (increase of £173)
  • Npower Fixed Energy (increase of £168)
  • EDF Energy Blue+ Price Promise (increase of £148)
  • Sainsbury's Energy Fixed Price (increase of £141)
  • Sainsbury's Energy Price Promise (increase of £97)
  • GnERGY GnERGY Fixed (increase of £80)
  • Sainsbury's Energy Price Freeze (increase of £80)

So, if you switched to a cheap deal from Iresa or GB Energy, which are cheaper than the existing prices from all of the above on the list, before July's increases, you save even more.

Even better, both of these companies don't have exit fees, so if you need to leave before your contract is due, you can do it without getting penalised.

Here's some options you could switch to

  • Iresa Flex 1 (average bill £734, and no exit fees)
  • GB Energy Fixed 12 Topaz fixed (avg bill £735, no exit fees)
  • Avro Energy Simple and Surge fixed (avg bill £737, no exit fees)
  • So Energy So Duck fixed (avg bill £750, exit fee of £5 per fuel)
  • GnERGY Fixed June 2017 fixed (avg bill £751, exit fee of £25 per fuel)
  • Octopus Energy Octopus Variable (avg bill £762, no exit fees)

Don't overpay for your energy for no good reason. Shop around. Prices may vary, depending on where you are in the country, but there's a lot of good tariffs for you, and switching has never been easier.

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