First Utility offer cashback

First Utility cashback

First Utility are offering cashback of £50 if you switch to them, to any of their tariffs, after regulators relaxed rules around such promotions.

Now, this deal is only available if you've signed up with Topcashback, and of course, you'll have to check if First Utility are actually offering you the best deal when it comes to your utilities.

If it is the right deal for you, you can sign up with Topcashback for free, and then click through to their site, before you claim your reward on a dual fuel energy deal with the aforementioned supplier.

To be sure, once you've signed-up and signed-in with Topcashback, use the search tool to find First Utility's cashback deals, and from there, you'll be forwarded to the provider where you sign-up like you normally would.

For the full £52.50 reward, you will have to switch to a dual fuel tariff - if you sign up for the single fuel tariff, that'll get you a lower cashback of £21.

Tom Lyon, from, says: "We agree with the CMA that relaxing these restrictions will benefit consumers by boosting innovation, choice and competition."

Ed Kamm, UK managing director at First Utility said: "There are still millions of UK households overpaying for their energy, with more than £300 a year in savings possible by switching. And now with £50 cash upfront along with the lower monthly bills on offer by moving, there are few reasons not to make the switch."

Now, there are better deals out there, such as fixed tariffs with Avro Energy's 'Simple and Power' plan, and GnERGY 'GnERGY Fixed' scheme.

First Utility's dual fuel tariff fixed for one year, will cost you £769 a year, and works out £24 more expensive than the best buy. However, if you're using the cashback deal, it obviously increases your savings, but be sure to look into the terms and conditions to make sure it is the right deal for you.

Should you want to leave before the year is up, there is exit fees of £30 per fuel, which is worth keeping in mind.

Make sure to hunt around for the best deal for you, you can use This is Money's energy finder tool (right), powered by Energy Helpline to use your postcode and energy use to compare prices in your area.

Have a sniff around on uSwitch, and see what works for you.


  • Spyder

    Try First Utility if you like but they take excessive direct debit payments then refuse to give back accumulated credit. Be warned you could end up giving them an interest free loan.

    • Barney

      I signed up to First Direct but it was a pain getting registered and don't even bother trying to phone because they don't answer.  At the end of the contract they tried to sell me a deal which I could beat by going onto THEIR OWN web site.  Beware and be informed.

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