Faulty electricity meters making you pay too much?

electricity-meter You might be paying far too much money for your energy bills - hundreds of pounds in fact - thanks to dodgy clocks on your energy meter.

According to Which!!!, if you're one of the 3.9m households who are on tariffs that charge different rates for using energy at different times of day, you could well be left "significantly out of pocket" because of inaccurate clocks on your meter.

It seems that people have been warning Which!!! that, for people on tariffs like Economy 7 where you are charged less for using power at night,  customers are being overcharged.

Gary Day told Which!!! that his meter was inaccurate, as were those with three of his neighbours. Swalec, as a result, refunded them £2,300. He said: "I have only checked four meters and every single one of them was wrong. The problem is most consumers don't go around checking, and we are at a disadvantage because of that."

A Which!!! spokesperson said: "Having a faulty clock on your energy meter could leave you hundreds of pounds out of pocket. It's the supplier's responsibility to ensure they are correct so if you suspect there might be a fault then contact your energy company."

Meanwhile, over at Ofgem, a spokesman said: "If consumers suspect that their electricity meter is faulty their supplier is required to investigate and make best efforts to resolve the problem. If necessary, as a final option the supplier will make arrangements for the meter to be verified by a meter examiner appointed by National Measurement Office."


  • gillian c.
    I am convinced that I am paying far too much! Was with EOn and then switched, guided from advice I read in The Telegraph, to EDF. Bills were way too high!!! Meter has been changed twice. Was told that first one had frozen on day rate and was not switching over at night. No explanation at all why second one was switched after my further complaint about high bill.
  • gillian c.
    for "switched" read "replaced" in my last sentence. Sorry.
  • Jeremy S.
    I've come across this kind of complaint before. It seems that energy companies can't get anything right at the moment.
  • mrs m.
    could you please give estamate how much my electric bill come to,Ilive in 2 bedroom flat on economy 7on pension credit and income support so know how carefull I am with elecricity I only use 1 bedroom, dont have gas,at the momentgo away most weekends and only put water on 2 aweek,cost with ecotricity is 16.48 day and7.11 at night

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