Everyone slowly backing away from mystifying new fuel law

Centrica-and-British-Gas--001Energy Secretary Ed Davey appeared to distance himself today from the Prime Minister's surprise announcement that gas and electricity firms will be required in law to give customers the lowest available deals.

Yesterday, suet-faced David Cameron said that he was going to tackle soaring energy bills during Prime Minister's Question Time, but alas, no-one knows anything about it and would rather not talk about it thankyouverymuch.

And today, secretary of energy and that, Ed Davey, massively sidestepped questions about the PM's statement, with Labour weighing in to score cock-points, saying that Davey knows nothing about these proposals and that the whole thing is a big, fat mess.

So maybe someone else in the government will be able to shed some light on the news that energy companies are going to give customers their lowest tariffs? Well, Downing Street nor Mr Davey's officials have been able to provide anything resembling a detail about it all and the Energy Secretary failed to even refer to it when questioned by the BBC this morning.

"I've been working with the Deputy Prime Minister and others, working with the energy companies, to try to drive more competition, to get them to agree that they will tell their customers what are the best available tariffs, so customers can save money," said Mr Davey. "These high energy prices are causing lots of problems and they are at the top of my list of priorities."

Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint said Cameron's statement is confusing everyone, saying: "It caused chaos in the energy industry and I have to say it left his own ministers at a loss as to what energy policy actually is. For the Government to spend a day pretending they have a policy they have no intention of implementing is no way to run the country. It is like something out of The Thick of It."

Only not at all funny or sweary.

Either way, we're all looking down the barrel of above-inflation price rises by the Big 6, and no-one seems to be doing anything about it, meaning we'll all either die in a cold snap or be getting bailiffs for Christmas.


  • james
    or you could have just locked into one of the 2 year fixed price deals that moneysavingexpert and other sites mentioned a few weeks ago, and then not have to care about price rises this year or next.
  • james d.
    I think I will just keep complaining but not take the 5 minutes or so that it would take for me to switch to a cheaper provider. 5 minutes of my time just isn't worth hundreds of pounds.
  • Dick
    Doesn't this mean they just remove the lowest deals? Although fixed vs standard rate will probably be different - so they will only have to put you on to a similar deal (fixed or standard).
  • The M.
    The thing with having competition is that it means someone wins and someone else has to lose. The big private firms will always be on the winning side, so who can the losers possibly be?
  • Al
    Everyone 'backing away' from this 'mystifying' new law? From what I can tell nobody has backed away and Ofgem have announced the new rules this morning ... it's probably quite interesting for consumers rather than this load of balls.

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