Everyone has cheaper fuel bills than you (and the turkish)

Some good news to wrap up your Wednesday! No, not really. Just more misery about how the utility companies are ripping the arse clean out your wallet and getting away with it.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has produced a report, because that's what multi-national development agencies do best. This one in particular highlights that aside from Turkey, energy prices are rising faster in the UK than anywhere else in the western world. But you'd sort of guessed that, hadn't you?

Yes, although Turkey and ourselves may be sat in the dark wrapped in blankets waiting for Summer, the Telegraph reports that everyone else is dressed in only their pants eating ice cream. Ireland's bills are over three per cent lower than last year, the French are paying nearly seven per cent less, while the US are paying over a fifth less for electric and gas.

Despite the fact wholesale energy prices have dropped, only the ladies and gentleman of British Gas have cut their prices, and that was after yanking them up by a third last Summer. Don't take of off the mittens just yet, kids.


  • Tom
    "Don’t take of the mittens just yet, kids." "Off", surely?
  • Willy
    Typical really
  • chrisg.
    Welcome to BitterWallit.
  • pip
    No suprise there. What goes up must stay up, obviously!
  • Tony
    Don't be fooled into thinking British Gas have dropped their prices, they haven't. well they haven't YET. And even if or when they do it very much looks like it will NOT be by the 10% they have shouted from the rooftops. How is that possible ?? Well you have to read the small print first and then you will need to do umpteen calculations to get to the real truth. I've no doubt that some will be lucky enough to hit that 10% but I wouldn't mind betting those folks are paying over the top anyway. And for those B.G. customers on the Click 6 Tariff, be VERY careful about changing to the supposed new cheaper Websaver 1 tariff. Check your present charges against the new Websaver 1 but remember that B.G. has sent out this email to existing Click 6 customers. QUOTE: Today we are pleased to be the first energy supplier to announce a drop in our gas prices and as a Click Energy 6 customer you'll be saving on average £137* compared to our standard tariff. We'll automatically re-assess your monthly direct debit for you so you don't need to do anything. We were keen to pass on this price cut as soon as possible so that you benefit from a reduction in your bill. Although the gas markets are still volatile, we remain committed to reducing prices again if and when we can in the future. AND THEN DOWN TO THE SMALL PRINT.................QUOTE: *Versus our standard tariff prices. Based on average annual consumption of 20,500 kWh for gas and 3,300 kWh for single rate electricity, paying by Monthly Direct Debit, averaged across all regions, rounded and including VAT. Prices as at 19th February 2009. END. The important thing to recognise is that B.G. have NOT reduced prices for Click 6 customers YET. Indeed they don't even say just HOW they are going to implement the reductions. 19th February appears to be the day to make sure you have a calculator or better still an accountant handy. Complicated ? What else would you expect from one of the countries biggest shisters !

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