Energy suppliers ripping us off say consumer watchdog

25 June 2009

UK energy customers are being overcharged by suppliers to the tune of £74 billion EACH according to a new report by Consumer Focus. Of course they’re not, it’s actually £74 billion in total across the country. No, that’s not right either. Tell you what, let’s have another crack at it.

UK energy customers are being overcharged by an average of £74 each per year by suppliers, according to a new report by Consumer Focus. They’re pointing the finger at reductions in the wholesale costs that aren’t being passed on to John Q. Citizen.

Meanwhile, Ofgem have said that Consumer Focus are lying and that anyway they’ve got their sums wrong and they stink and it’s not the first time they’ve lied either cos they said they got tops off Sandra Donkinson round the back of the science block and Sanda swears blind she never. So there.

Suppliers have cut their prices in recent months but Consumer Focus say that it’s not enough and that gas bills should be 7.4% cheaper and electricity bills 3.1% cheaper than they actually are. They claim that the suppliers have an extra £1.6 billion sloshing around in their greasy coffers that should be passed on to us in the shape of further price reductions.

If you’re looking for some ways to save on your gas and electricity bills, we came up with a few earlier in the week and they’re working out just fine for us so far.


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  • > H.
    I doubt they'll make reductions, instead, they'll do what like they did last time... like, and offer subsidised insufuckinlation to theose less fortunate than those what read Bitter Wallet. I've said it before (and was moderated) and I'll say it again (and get moderated), they are UTTER CUNTS!
  • vinylandtrinkets
    this time last year our utillity bills per month were £125.00 this month they are now £327.00 and this is with capped rates for the gas and electric, and after speaking to welsh water today they are set to rise again in Sept.
  • James R.
    Energy suppliers ripping us off say consumer shit we really need someone to tell us this fact....?

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