Energy suppliers face Ofgem tickling over mis-selling


Four of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers are in ‘big trouble’ with industry regulator Ofgem following mis-selling allegations and they could face ‘big punishments’ – but they probably won’t, obviously.

The face-to-face and telephone sales tactics of Npower, Scottish Power, Scottish and Southern Energy, and EDF Energy are to be investigated amid claims that some customers are finding themselves worse off after switching energy suppliers, possibly due to waffle, bollocks and mumbo jumbo.

New rules regarding sales were introduced at the end of last year, stating that potential customers must receive an estimate before a face-to-face sale is completed and that a comparison between their current and offered deal is provided. It has been alleged that this new code is not being fully adhered to. We stand amazed.

Following the conclusion of the Ofgem their CEOs could face one of the following punishments...

(a) Being wrapped up in a windsock and fired out of a cannon into the side of a shipping container.

(b) Being made to dress up as a Victorian prostitute before plying their ‘trade’ outside Millwall FC’s ground on a match day.

(c) Have their arms and legs surgically fused together before being dropped into a vat of hot tea.

(d) None of the above

In truth, it’s probably going to be (d) and they’ll probably end up with a warning or a fine that won’t actually be noticed thanks to their gargantuan profits. And life will go on pretty much the same as it was before...


  • PokeHerPete
    Dear BitterWallet, I am sick of your outdated content. Often you include an photos which was took yesterday, we would like photos taken today please.
  • Nobby
    More likely it will cost millions to investigate, and if found guilty, the CEO will be sacked, but paid a massive payoff plus his usual salary until the end of his contract.
  • Andy D.
    @PokeHerPete - Sorry, but it takes us 24 hours to get our photos developed. As money-savers, we're not prepared to fork out for the same-day service.
  • The B.
    More likely (and in the case of NPower), nothing will happen, they will be told to pay back any monies but only if the customer asks for it and not told to inform the customer that they're owed money in the first place.
  • PokeHerPete
    @Andy - Thanks for your response. I have got my apology but where are my free vouchers? I am using the "Paperchase woman" technique to bag free stuff.

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