Energy supplier to halve switch times

energy Today is Earth Day, where people say things about our planet that sound like the spewings of a dreadful hippie, sharing photos of hummingbirds and waterfalls. They of course, share them through exactly the kind of gadgets, to be read on other devices, which gobble electricity like Pacman.

And so, in a bid to seem more kindly, energy suppliers in the UK have made some promises. To be greener? To be cheaper? Don't be stupid. They've announced that they want to halve the length of time it takes us to switch providers.

Instead of an average of five weeks, it'll now be around a fortnight.

In a statement, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) announced that the proposals have been referred to Ofgem for final approval. Energy secretary Ed Davey reckons that this will help everyone save money and "improve the poorly performing energy markets". Of course, most people can't be arsed switching providers, preferring to complain about everything, ever.

It should be looked at though. A number of reports have shown just how much money stands to be saved if people switch. One set of stats said that as much as £1.5 billion a year could be saved if we all switched to a more suitable tariff.

Davey added: "I would urge people who want a better deal on their energy bills to switch now – don’t wait for these latest improvements to happen. Over 2 million people switched energy supplier between October last year and March this year, as competition is now hotting up."

"Some of the new smaller suppliers are cutting prices and forcing bigger players to respond, so check out today’s deals."

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  • God
    If BG halve the time it takes them to arranger a transfer, it should only be 2020 when I get my new gas supplier sorted.

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