Energy staff issued with stab vests because everyone hates them

BURNING BLUE FLAME ON GAS COOKER HOB. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown. Everyone hates energy companies so much, that the people they hire to read everyone's meters are being issued with stab vests.

It has been reported that 400 or so staff at British Gas and EDF Energy have been given body armour in case someone attacks them. Of course, no-one should be in fear of getting stabbed for simply doing their job, but then, even this hasn't seen the powers that be thinking that there might be a problem with how much they're charging: they see issuing stab vests as a solution, rather than making their products affordable.

The vests are being given to staff tasked with investigating energy theft, or those who have to fit homes with pre-payment meters to sort out customers who are in debt.

"Electricity and gas theft is a serious crime which puts lives at risk and adds unnecessary costs to customers’ bills. Because of the nature of the work our energy theft teams do, we've made protective clothing available to them," said a spokesperson for British Gas.

A spokesman for EDF Energy added: "Our staff are issued with stab vests when carrying out debt-related customer visits or visits where the meter has been tampered with."

Obviously, attacks are rare, and most customers vent their anger in the traditional way - shouting down the phone and the like - but really, this is a bleak indictment of the state of the energy market in the UK.

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  • People P.
    People do not steal electricity because they are poor, they steal it because they are criminals. That people going about their job are in fear of being stabbed is more an indictment of society and the criminal justice system than (one of ) everyone's pet scapegoats - the energy companies

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