Energy monitors for your home - more penny pinching ahoy

We've talked about home energy monitors on several occasions, and here's another new one - the CC128 from Current Cost. What the crivens is the point of such a device? Most of the wastage in the home is usually from small amounts of energy that seem insignificant, but according to their blog, just 4 watts left on continually is one per cent of the average domestic bill. True fact, fact fans.

So this gizmo displays current electricity usage in real time throughout the day and predicts how much electric you're on course to use. It also allows you to compare to usage on previous days so you can determine where you're wasting it, and it's blindingly simple to fit - no more complicated than clipping a hoop over a cable:

According to the Current Cost shop on eBay, one of these beauties costs £49.50 - all very good and reasonably affordable. Our only beef with the whole thing is their promotional video - you might be saving on your leccy bill, but for god's sake spend it on your marketing, will you?


  • Andre
    To be honest i dont think the advert was that bad really... ...however what annoys me with this units is this for costs £ are you reallly going to save £49.50 by having this? Or how about you just turn the lights off when not in use, turn things off at the plug, dont leave things on standby, turn computers off when not in use? And wow you've done the same as you would normally. Even if you want to record what your using, then everyday go and take a reading of your meter...mines in units, so very easy to work out, and then you can compare day to day what your using!
  • Paul S.
    I think the point is that because it's in real time, you can see how much appliances actually cost you to run. I've no idea how much it costs to leave my wifi network on overnight, or the cost of the eco cycle on the washing machine vs the 60 degree wash. If you measure it, you can manage it - I think this would make best its money in a few months.
  • Robin
    It's true that all that stuff you keep on standby DOES use leccy, but it is so insignificant when compared to other items that you typically use around the house like a tumble dryer or an electric shower or the oven or things you will have on constantly like the fridge or freezer.
  • Jack
    If they didnt cost as much I might get one. Plus the advert wasnt that bad. However dont say - 'If the government gave them out free, to help save energy' - that doesn't make sense, we pay taxes, so we'd pay for it. And dont say 'If the electric companies gave them out free, I'd have one' - because that costs you money because you will be paying for it, plus they love you to waste. Sorry - I've just heard those things a few times from my friends.
  • Jill
    To be fair, you would only be paying for it indirectly, like all the energy saving bulbs they give out.
  • Chools
    I got one free from my energy company (Eon) I suppose it was interesting for the first few days, but a quick wander around the house and you can quickly suss what is switched on or not without one. If you really penny pinch and switch off items with internal clocks the hassle of setting the clock each time you turn them on is just too much effort , especially when you see what the real big users in your home are. Hoovering - 1200 W, do less save money, likewise ironing, expensive and tiresome, cut back. Cook on top of the stove rather than switch on the oven. All sorts of ways you can save real money other than switch off your items on standby!
  • Dirkdiggler
    If the government gave them out free, to help save energy, or if the electric companies gave them out free, I’d have one
  • Andre
    i agree with Jack that the prices would just become free postage on the internet! Well companies subside it! To be honest i use certain things for ease above cost, not much i must admit, as being a billpayer you know its your pocket at the end of the month, but still id prefer to throw food in the over and it take 30mins and only need to check it once then do it on the stove and have to stand there and watch it...time=money too.
  • das g.
    or you can wait until British Gas roll out the smart meters, and then get the functionality for free - although you'll be tied into a 1/2 year cotract the device itself does seem rather cool, looks like a ipod...
  • oneftooguep
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  • a4561860
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