Energy firms overcharge by £270million

Energy firms overcharge by £270million

Pretty much everyone hates energy companies, but we need them to power the devices which we complain about them on, so it's a real catch 22 scenario.

Another thing that will wind you up about them, is that their errors when it comes to billing us, has seen energy companies overcharge everyone to the tune of £270 million.

This research comes from, who said that, on average, we're all £72 worse off.

Some of the reasons we're paying too much are getting a bill for the wrong tariff, incorrect meter readings, wrong fees, and inaccurate Direct Debit amounts.

And of course, energy companies are not that great when it comes to rectifying their mistakes (not usually the same case when we've made an innocent error though, eh?).

Clair Osborne, energy expert at, said: “People have a right to expect correct bills. It's unacceptable in this day and age that customers are picking up the cost of suppliers' mistakes."

"Households are already trying to cope with the high cost of energy and can't afford the additional cost of simple blunders."

"Accurate bills are essential if people sand any hope of taking control of their energy use and spend. Recent upgrades by some suppliers to billing systems have resulted in teething problems, but our figures show there's still more for the industry to do."

What To Do To Get Your Money Back

Basically, you need to keep an eye on your energy bills and check them carefully.

As energy companies don't send out staff for meter readings like they used to, they can base your bill on estimates. Make sure you take a meter reading and submit it to your energy company, so you know they've got an accurate record of how much, or how little energy you're using.

If you think they've mad a mistake, contact them and ask for a refund. It can take a couple of weeks for them to resolve a dispute, so don't be put off.

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