Energy customer satisfaction at an all time low

The larger energy companies are once again failing their customers, according to Which!, who have found that overall customer satisfaction has slumped even further - from 49% to 41%.

bill shocker

All the Big Six companies are languishing at the bottom of the table like large, unflushable turds, despite the fact that they account for 90% of the energy market. NPower is the worst turd, with 31% customer satisfaction. The others don’t fare much better, with the best of a bad bunch being E-On with 45%.

Rising to the top full of fibre and vigour are the little energy companies that could, with the clear winner being Good Energy, who have managed to top the Which! table for two years in a row. In joint first place is teeny weeny supplier Ecotricity – both scored 82%.

But the energy market as a whole is on its knees, and as you can imagine, Ricardo Lloyd from Which! is blowing a fuse about all this. He said:

'Once again the biggest energy companies have been beaten by the smaller suppliers but there are no winners in a broken market that consistently fails consumers. We want to see radical solutions to improve competition and keep prices in check, like the biggest energy companies being forced to separate wholesale generation from the retail arms of their business.’

Don't mess with Richard. Just...DO WHAT HE SAYS, OK?


  • shiftynifty
    Npower are truly the worst....They want to charge £60 to change a meter to a credit Meter...all others charge zilch,nada, nothing, they really are greedy bastards
  • james d.
    they are expensive yes, but I have not found customer service to be a problem with any of the providers and I switch all the time.
  • shiftynifty
    James Dewitt the sock puppet

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