Energy companies find yet another way to screw you

Dotcha just love energy regulation? If you’re the kind of consumer who gets hot under the collar just thinking about fixed price tariffs, you’re going to love the fannying about required to get the best deal under new Ofgem reforms, announced today.

Energy customers will receive a bill telling them what they could save if they were to switch to their suppliers' best deal. But after that, nobody is going to lift a finger to help you. If you want to save, you have to do the switching and talk to some boring drone in a call centre for 3 hours. Sucks to be you.

Ofgem is still holding energy companies to their original plan to offer just four types of tariff, and to ban out-of-date and rubbish value 'dead' tariffs. But because they’re not obliged to do anything about switching you, they could still let you languish forever in the energy equivalent of the McCain Oven Chips league, paying more than you should.

Could this possibly mean that the energy companies are banking on you being too busy/dumb to switch, so they can do bugger all and still cream off the profits? Surely they wouldn’t do that. SURELY?


  • noshit
    Obese ppl don't feel the cold. Energy from food cheaper than gas / electric. Get grossly overweight and watch your gas bill tumble. Trialled in Newcastle and they've never looked back, partly coz of their huge sweaty shoulder sticking in their eye.
  • Alexis
    The tariffs will always come with a tie in though. They'll only invite you onto a cheaper tariff if you have to sign up for 18+ months
  • Phuck Y.
    Lucy Sweet? Who the fuck's Lucy sweet?

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