Energy companies can't even get extortionate bills right

energy billsLooks like energy companies are still the country’s worst offenders- on just about everything. This week, new research from shows that energy providers are not just charging us an arm and a leg they are doing so incorrectly, with almost two in ten households (19%) being incorrectly billed by their energy company within the last two years.

With 19% of households incorrectly billed- and a total of 11%  who have had this happen more than once, only HMRC is considered more inept at getting bills right, with Council Tax, mortgage companies and insurers all coming up roses over the last eight years of the survey. While customers who have been overcharged have been in the news recently, as the energy companies hold on to refundable cash, 39% of those surveyed, equivalent to 10.14 million people, were surprised with an unexpectedly large bill following a 'bill adjustment', with the average extra amount owed being £146. More than one in ten (14%) have unexpectedly ended up owing £200 - £400, while 7% have ended up owing over £400.

And when extra amounts are incorrect? It is taking even longer for energy companies to sort out the problem- the average time is now just under two months, up from one month a year ago.

Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer Policy at, says: "Consumers are typically paying over £100 a month for gas and electric, so the fact that they cannot rely on the accuracy of their bills is simply unacceptable. With energy bills accounting for the largest chunk of household expenditure after rent and mortgage payments, billing blunders can leave consumers feeling frustrated, susceptible and out of pocket.”

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