Energy bills double in past six years, which is just brilliant


Get this. Over the past six years, it our energy bills have doubled in size. And have our wages doubled over the same period? Exactly.

Figures from are finding that a third of consumers are already saying that household energy has become unaffordable. With the 'Big Six' energy companies shaving off a fraction of our bills (which they've been hiking up steadily for some years now), it isn't surprising that customers are saying that energy bills are the biggest financial concern, ahead of mortgage payments and food bills.

It's little wonder that fuel poverty is such a concern in the UK. Last year, fuel poverty soared to 6.9 million households. Research from Citizens Advice shows that 4 out of 10 people don't think they'll be able to afford their next energy bill.

Many households aren't getting the best deal from their energy suppliers (and of course, they're not prone to offering you the cheapest rates out of the goodness of their hearts, mainly because they don't collectively posses a single heart between them), with various sources pointing toward First Utility's iSave v9 and Scottish Power's Online Energy Saver 17 tariff, which give savings of around £200 each.

Is someone going to make the energy companies accountable at some point soon, or will we have to vote with our feet?



  • zacspeed
    How exactly are we going to vote with our feet?
  • Tony
    Is this what happens when you take national utilities and put them out to the open market? I thought the "competition" was supposed to give us all cheaper fuel than when we had nationalised utilities, and yet still provide profits for the firms AND a dividend for the shareholders. I couldn't work it out either!
  • klingelton
    I havn't signed a contract with anyone to provide my energy, yet if i wanted to change supplier, i would need to pay someone to get out of a contract... how does that work?
  • klingelton
    oh, and forget ye not, privatised industry + cartel = not the best deal for the customer. None of our spineless governments will do anything to ease the squeeze on our wallets.
  • Mike H.
    People have more disposable income than ever before. People can afford their bills, they just get pissed off when they can't afford all the shit they don't need. Try living within your means for a change you bunch of tit-ends. Sent from my iPhone
  • bunsintheoven
    BUUURRRNNNNN wait I cant afford the bill. Not sent from my pointless shit overpriced iphone when a cheaper phone would do cause I am not a tit like some folk.
  • Sicknote
    Put a jumper on and turn the thermostat down; simples..!
  • Rob
    In my view it is as bad as looting.

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