EE announces price rise

8 April 2014

ee As seems to be the case with mobile providers, EE has joined in by increasing the monthly cost of phone bills by 2.7%. That's what happens when everyone says you're the best mobile network around.

Subscribers on EE, Orange and T-Mobile will be affected by the price hike, which comes into effect from May 28th.

Additional charges for usage beyond customers' monthly allowance will also increase. GOOD TIMES.

And as the price rise is linked with inflation, customers will not be able to cancel their contract early, unless they joined or upgraded after January 23rd.

The network has warned that those who signed up or upgraded within the last 30 days may still receive a letter about the move, but will not be affected by the changes.

What are EE saying on their website? "We know price rises are never great news, but we work hard to keep costs down while offering our customers great value on the UK's biggest and fastest network. As a result of rising business costs, we are increasing the price of EE, Orange and T-Mobile monthly plans."

Looks like the mobile companies are pre-emptively trying to make some money back now that roaming charges are to get the chop.


  • ee l.
    EE join the ranks of O2 greedy barstewards...
  • Simon
    Interesting reporting going on here. There is a massive thread over on MSE about how and why you CAN cancel due to this price rise. If it does effect you then you should take a look at Personally, I've just managed to get a penalty free cancellation due to the recent change in Terms and Conditions.

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