EDF summon their doorstep cold-callers back to base

8 September 2011

EDF_280_549370a Here at Bitterwallet, we operate out of a hermetically-sealed bunker, buried 50 metres below the ground. As a result, we don’t get all that many cold-callers knocking on the hatch and trying to flog us stuff. Having said that, the ones that do are normally energy suppliers. Bastards.

But now there’s one less company to be hassling us with their talk of ‘switching’ and ‘special tariffs’ – EDF Energy have announced that they’re going to get rid of their army of doorstep cold-callers, following in the footsteps of British Gas and Scottish & Southern Energy, who have also scrapped their army of nuisance-sellers.

The move comes following scores of complaints about the tactics of energy cold-callers, with many unwitting customers signing up for deals that leave them no better than they were to begin with. Essentially, when you look at it carefully, it’s like inviting a robber into your home and pointing him in the direction of your valuables. That might be an overstatement but the tactics of these companies have been beyond the pale for too long.

EDF have said that they will continue to cold-call potential new customers by phone, but you can always sign up to the Telephone Preference Service if you want to block that kind of nonsense. The decision leaves npower, E.ON and Scottish Power as the remaining three of the ‘Big Six’ who are still likely to knock on your door and try to harsh your mellow – let’s see if they follow suit and scrap the doorstep misery as well.


  • Storm O.
    About time! Now they can concentrate on their real purpose which is defending our world from invasion by alien insects.
  • Marky M.
    Telephone Preference Service doesn't apply if the calls are coming from India...
  • The B.
    @Marky Mark - I'm pretty sure it does if the company they're flogging for is UK based (i.e. can be prosecuted under UK law), I've managed to get as far as "sorry, let me just write down the name of the company you're calling on behalf of" before they slam down their VOIP connection on me.
  • TurnPike
    @Storm One If only! I heard people shouting EDF! EDF! and ran out to join only to be confronted by lying gas peddlers...

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