EDF slowly back away from Big Six with slightly less galling price hike

 Seeing as everyone hates all energy companies, EDF have seemingly decided they want to win some hearts and minds by distancing themselves from the rest of The Big Six.

They've done this by announcing a winter price rise on gas and electricity of 3.9%, which is smaller than the other companies, but still a rise. In money, it is a rise of around £50 a year. However, they're threatening to push bills up further and, like other firms have being doing recently, they're pointing squarely at the government and their green policies.

In statement EDF said: "If the Government makes bigger changes to the cost of its social and environmental schemes than EDF Energy has anticipated, the company pledges to pass these savings onto customers."

"However, if changes to social and environmental programmes are less than anticipated, the company may have to review its standard variable prices again."

Of course, this threat seems a bit rich considering that EDF recently landed a huge deal with the government to build a massive nuclear power plant in Somerset. They're complaining about green levies when they've got a guaranteed share in an £80 billion revenue in the coming years.

EDF chief, Vincent de Rivaz, says: "The best way to help customers is for us to keep our prices as low as possible. I know that price rises are always unwelcome, but we have taken the first step to show what can be done if rising costs are tackled head-on. Energy firms, politicians and consumer groups need to be part of the solution and stand on the side of customers to give them energy at an affordable price."

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