EDF plan to cut gas bills by 5%

EDF_280_549370aIt's pretty much been 100% doom and gloom when it comes to household bills, but EDF appear to be trying to buck the trend and give us a shot of hope. That, or trying to steal everyone else's customers.

EDF Energy increased gas bills by 15.4% in November, but in a small reprieve, have now said that they'll cut them by 5% after a 9.2% decline in the one-year wholesale gas price. This follows murmurs that British Gas owner Centrica is looking at a 10% reduction in households energy bills.

Chief executive Vincent de Rivaz said: “What customers want more than anything else is fair, clear and transparent prices. We know they want action rather than words. That is why we are the first major supplier to announce a cut and were the last to increase prices.”

Of course, this is a well-timed treat. Don't think we didn't notice that a recent energy company satisfaction survey carried out by Which! showed that EDF finished second bottom in a table of the biggest six energy suppliers.

Commenting on today's move, Which! executive director Richard Lloyd said: “This gas price cut will be welcome news for millions of consumers with already squeezed household budgets. But it follows a hike of 15% last November.

“Now the pressure is on for the rest of the major suppliers to follow suit. But as our survey today shows, there remain huge problems with customer service in energy as well as high prices.”

No-one is holding their breath, apart from those with dodgy boilers.


  • Mike H.
    I'm really strugling to make ends meet, I can't afford all these bills, the kids are starving, my wife is cutting back to 10 pairs of shoes a week, my horse is on hay, my 5 dogs are having to eat chicken and I've had to start using 'regular' fuel in my Range Rover. EDF reducing their prices is a real help. Now I can get back on HUKD to see what I can spend the money on. Sent from my iPad/iPhone using my 50M broadband
  • Sicknote
    Great news, that'll make them only marginally more expensive than the rest then. Électricité de France - bloody surrender monkeys...!
  • Simon
    Great, they now have lost of the winter gas user at the high rate and 5% is fuck all when they all put up prices by 15-20% 4 months ago Scum bags

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