EDF Energy puts prices up by 10.8% because they're gits

EDF_280_549370aBrilliant news! Three million of you will now have higher energy bills for seemingly no good reason after those arses at EDF put their tariffs up by 10.8% and no-one wants to do anything about it.

Just in time for winter.

EDF will whack their prices for domestic gas and electricity up, which means a typical dual-fuel bill for a direct debit customer will rise by £122 a year. That's £1,251 you're spending, each year, on gas and electricity from these berks.

Like all the other energy suppliers, EDF are blaming these hikes on rising wholesale prices and increased running costs. EDF director Martin Lawrence said: "We know that customers will not welcome this news and do not want to see prices going up."

"Our new prices will however be cheaper on average than those of all the other major suppliers which have announced standard price rises so far this autumn."

Well done to the energy sector on becoming a group that has done the near-impossible, by proving to be more shark-eyed and unpopular than all the banks put together.


  • Kevin
    Well if you don't like it you can move to another company. But that's up to you.
  • Stringer B.
    @ kevin If you dont like Gary Glitter molesting you try the next door down of BBC corridoors, labelled Jimmy Saville...
  • Darren
    @Mof " because they’re gits" Is that the best you can do, is this the school playground? They are doing it because everyone else is and the government allow them to!
  • Andy
    I guess they have got to pay for that massive Olympic sponsorship somehow?
  • Chester
    Still haven't put on my central heating, great having log burners as they pay for themselves.
  • Darren
    that's why you lock in, I am on their Blue+ 2014 tariff so no price rise for me until 2014!
  • lumoruk
    nice to know Darren, but how much were you paying above the standard unit tariff.?
  • Al
    Rather than just bitching about prices going up, why doesn't this site give some useful consumer advice? Are 'locked in' tariffs better in the long run? Is the money from cashback sites for switching enough to offset slightly higher energy tariffs? Should I spend £400 on loft insulation? Shame the writers for this blog spend so little time on it and hence why the highlights are jokes about bumming foxes.
  • james
    at least the fox would keep you warm.
  • Chewbacca
    @lumoruk fuck off back to HUKD you cretin. Do you still do illegal things to your child, btw? Oh, and Al... you've missed the point about this site. It IS for retards to wax lyrical about foxes. Twats.
  • Jimmy S.
    @Chewbacca - That comment about his child is a bit below the belt, pretty much where I like it.
  • Frank
    It doesn't surprise me in the least when the energy companies put the prices up especially this time of the year when we need it the most, surely i'm not the only one to notice that every year round about October they always feed us the same old crap about the rising wholesale prices then come March/April the give us the good news that they're dropping the prices when we least need it.

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