EDF Energy finally cut prices but may as well not have bothered

logo_edf EDF Energy have finally joined the chorus of the Big Six energy companies and cut their prices.

The company - one of the most complained about energy solution providers out there - have pushed the boat out and knocking a whopping 1.3% off.

That works out at approximately £9 a year, or 17p a week, based on the average gas users usage. Hardly worth bothering with, really. It's almost as if they're daring the customers to flee.

According to MoneySuperMarket's Stephen Murray: “This is truly the most underwhelming of the lot. On top of that, we see that bill payers will again not feel the full benefit of lower bills immediately."

The company defended their measly 1.3% price reduction claiming that the vast majority of gas EDF bought for its customers was purchased well in advance and at higher prices.

Beatrice Bigois, managing director of customers at EDF, said: “EDF Energy has a strong track record of acting independently in the interests of customers who have benefited from the best standard variable prices for the majority of the last three years, in comparison to other major suppliers. Today’s price cut means our standard tariffs will continue to be among the most competitive in the market. At the same time, one and a half million customers are benefiting from fixed price deals with no exit fees.”

On Monday SSE said it would lower gas prices by 4.1% but not until 30 April. On Friday, Npower announced it would reduce household gas prices by 5.1% from 16 February. They're still somewhat higher than 1.3 bleedin' %.

Anyway, EDF's wondrous gesture kicks in from 11th February.

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