EDF are the most complained-about energy firm...

13 February 2013

As they pump gas and electricity into our homes while sucking out increasingly large amounts of our cash, it’s logical that consumers won’t think twice before launching a gripe against the energy providers – and EDF was the most complained about one at the end of last year.

Numbers unveiled by energy regulator Ofcom show that out of the ‘big six’, EDF was the one that more customers got their knickers in a twist over, with 8,072 complaints for each 100,000 customers in the final quarter of the year - more than double the 4,001 for second placed npower.

British Gas, said it received 2,285 complaints per 100,000 accounts, while E.ON posted 3,023, SSE 1,435 and Scottish Power 1,359. Here are the stats in full, in a visual aid which we’ve skillfully nicked from elsewhere.


  • Darren
    12:54 13/02/13: Deathwatch.. next story will be: DVD rental firm #Blockbuster to close 164 more UK stores
  • James D.
    they do seem to be processing them quickly at least.
  • Darren
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. I would complai.n ab.out n.power, b.ut I a.ctually like ed.f. why is the above (without dots) awaiting moderation lmao?
  • Darren
    that's cool. everyone should learn to use text speak on here as it will then never wait moderation, I wonder which word set off the moderation? haha. Fail. I would like to say b1tterwa11et is rubb1sh at moderat1ing
  • Angry R.
    So, if I'm looking correctly, they're resolving more complaints per 1k customers than they're receiving ? That is some awesome KPI setting.
  • jt
    Obviously npower are the worst company as they are the only not resolving more complaints/1K customers than they are receiving. Shocking!
  • Dick
    It's because the French put horse farts in our gas.
  • Sicknote
    Scottish Power - yes, they were by a country mile the most awkward people I ever had to contact.

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