E.ON's profits rise in the face of us shivering paupers

EON_UK_RGBBritish Gas had a surge in profit despite fuel poverty being a very real problem for many families, and now, E.ON are gleefully announcing how well they're doing with a 24% spike.

The energy supplier made £245million between January and June, which is up from the £198m they  made last year in the same period. The E.ON group have seen profits tripling to £2.45billion in the first half of the year.

You can expect the likes of npower to announce tidy profits too, which is just brilliant.

Of course, consumer watchdogs are kicking off about it. Richard Hall, from the watchdog Consumer Focus, said: “Wholesale prices are now a long way from their peak and E.ON has also reported greater margins based on changes in their costs. This will reopen ­questions on whether falls in wholesale pricing are being fed through fairly and fully.”

A spokesman for E.ON said: "We continue to monitor the situation and will do what we can to help our customers."

Aye. We won't hold our breath (unless our boilers are faulty and poisoning us).


  • Sailor S.
    Hang on what? Didn't pervin Mervin King that guy at the Bank of England tell us energy prices were due to rise last week! Ah yes still that green energy and bribe for the new nuclear shizzle to be sorted out so...
  • Ed B.
    Don't worry, I've got OFGEM on the case, I'm sure they're shouting down the phone to the E.On directors right now. Oh, hold on, it looks like the E.On finance department have taken them and the Treasury department out to dinner at La Gavroche to discuss it. Oh, and then it appears they're flying them on an all expenses paid jolly to the Maldives, well, I'm sure it'll all be sorted out when they get back.
  • Martin
    If you don't want to pay high prices then don't use their product
  • Avon B.
    @ Martin Omigod! Why didn't we THINK of that? I feel so asham... Oh yeah it's because we don't want to freeze in Winter, eat cold food or wash in cold water. Idiot.
  • Dick
    > A spokesman for E.ON said: “We continue to monitor the situation and will do what we can to help our customers.” He also added that it is a little fucking difficult when you are pissed on chapmagne by 10am and have a backlog of 30 hookers to fuck.
  • Inspector G.
    As the Americans say, lets do the math. They have 6 million customers and made £245 million profit which is £41 profit per customer. So lets say in a fit of generosity and wanted to piss off it's own shareholders and decided to hand half of its profits back, then bills would drop by a measly 20 quid over 6 months. The media seem to be implying that energy companies announcing their profit is the direct cause of people dying.

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