E.ON to close power station

eon energy bulb Around 500 jobs are at risk, after E.ON decided to close the Killingholme power station in North Lincolnshire. And yes, there's a place called Killing Home. We hope there's a village nearby called Murder Bed or something.

Anyway, back to the serious business. E.ON have said that market conditions for both gas and coal-fired electricity generation were "very challenging" and that they are too big to overcome.

The power station at Killingholme had previously been mothballed, but it ended up being returned to service in 2005.

Tony Cocker, chief executive of E.ON UK, said: "My main priority is our colleagues at Killingholme and we will continue to do all we can to help them through this difficult and uncertain time."

"I would also like to thank everyone who has made a contribution to Killingholme throughout its lifetime - from the time the power station was a plan on a drawing board through to the team that will continue at the site in the months ahead to ensure it remains safe and secure. Ultimately, the decision to close the power station is not one we have taken lightly and, as our actions have shown, we have exhausted every possible option to try to keep the plant viable."

"The reality, however, is that market conditions for both gas-fired electricity generation and coal-fired are very challenging and in this particular case too big to overcome which has resulted in 900MW of generation capacity being permanently removed from the UK's power network."

The unions aren't best pleased, with GMB's Phil Whitehurst saying: "This is bad news for at least 500 workers and their families in the supply chain who operate, service and maintain what is a viable combined cycle gas turbine station that has years of life left in it."

"New low carbon generating capacity is needed but we are watching a funding crisis develop around building new power stations in the UK. We need a long-term plan for energy in UK. Leaving it to the market won't work."


  • Trevor W.
    The "joke" about Killingholme's name is really bottom-of-the-barrel stuff and made me question the sensibility of the rest of the article. So well done for that.
  • Peter T.
    I don't know of anywhere called 'Murder Bed' but 'Todmorden' (note to metrocentric web-botherers: it's a town in West Yorkshire) means 'murder death' in German. If only it were called 'Bettmorden', eh?
  • tin
    There's a Murdishaw in Runcorn, does that count?
  • Censorship a.
    On a more serious note, the 900MW this plant should be producing means that come winter, the UK power reserve will be 0%; a few days of wide spread bad weather and the lights will start to dim, industries will be told to shut down, and the governmental energy polices of the last 40 years will be shown to be complete bollocks.
  • jim
    this is what happens when you sell off nationalised power industry. like the companies that own them give one crap about the country's power. grr

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