E.on are trying to kill the elderly for Christmas (but it's Cameron's fault)

cold old lady

Christmas is good if you're young. If you're old, the cold weather will probably kill you. At least we've got heating for our houses, right? Wrong. See, tens of thousands of elderly customers are staring at a rise in their energy bills just in time for the coldest bit of the year after E.on withdrew their tariff for pensioners.

The scheme that has been scrapped is the StayWarm scheme, which offered fixed-price bills. However, E.on are pointing the finger at the Government, saying that the new rules which limit the number of tariffs an energy company can offer are responsible for them ending your nan.

These changes, backed by Cameron, are being implemented by Ofgem, and are limiting the total number of tariffs to four per fuel. "Due to new Ofgem rules, which includes limiting the number of tariffs we can offer, the StayWarm tariff will close as current contracts come to an end from October 7th," an E.on spokescrooge said.

Customers will be contacted about the news, but, if they aren't contactable, they'll automatically be shunted onto a more expensive standard tariff. Of course, Ofgem aren't having it, saying that E.on could have continued with StayWarm.

"We have never told suppliers which tariffs they have to close to comply with this rule, as that is a decision for them," said an Ofgem spokesperson. "In fact we have been clear with all suppliers that they would have been allowed to keep social tariffs (which for example offer discounts to customers who have difficulty paying bills) under our rules."


  • klingelton
    big kids.
  • Tits M.
    When I was a kid, my Dad tried to make me share my PC with my younger brother. I didn't want to so I formatted it, so no one wins. I can see where Eon are coming from.
  • R S.
    Looks like the Queen could turn that electric fire down by a bar or two and get them corgis made into a nice fur coat.
  • Shiftyniftysshadow
    Poor queenie....suffering for her art
    Just another example of a greedy company twisting the rules to maximise profits, so where are they coming from Tits ?
  • Sarah
    Mr Miliband's fault. He in 2008, shortly after becoming our first secretary of state for energy and climate change, passed his Climate Change Act, signalling £18 billion of taxation every year until 2050...

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